Sailing castles of the New Age: These are the yachts of world-renowned designers

Sailing castles of the New Age: These are the yachts of world-renowned designers

In the world of rich and famous yachts have been one of the most important status symbols for decades, because their luxury speaks best about the depth of the owners’ pockets, and some of the most luxurious vessels are owned by founders of famous fashion brands.

Giorgio Armani, “Main”
Price: $ 60 million
Length: 65 meters

Luxurious, elegant, classic – three words that best describe the aesthetics of the famous designer Giorgio Armani (83), but also his yacht. Monden dark-green boat with sharp edges is the favorite place where the creator spends his free time. Experts from the well-known Italian company “Codecasa of Viareggio” from Tuscany needed 30 months to build this ship, with a cost of $ 60 million without any interior equipment.

– The costs were very high. However, when you decide to have a yacht, thousands of dollars are nothing. – said Giorgio Armani for Harper’s Bazaar in 2010.

“Main” can accommodate twelve guests plus fourteen crew members. It has six cabins, two lounges, elevator, spiral staircase, as well as a Jacuzzi, terrace and a cinema. On this yacht, many exclusive parties for the world’s jet-set were held, and it was also a great place to conduct editorial photo sessions for the world’s largest fashion magazines.

Roberto Cavalli, “Roberto Cavalli”
Price: $ 40 million
Length: 42 meters

Another Italian designer, Roberto Cavalli (76), went a step further from his older colleague and his luxury boat was not only inspired by the clothes he was creating but also named after him. The interior of the yacht “Roberto Cavalli” is dominated by a leopard and a snake’s print, while a special emphasis is placed on the color of the ship that is variable and goes from gold to purple. Cavalli himself admitted on one occasion not to know the color of his yacht.

– They often ask me which color is my yacht, and I always answer that I do not know, because it depends on the time of the day. In the morning it’s dark blue, and sometimes even golden – he explained, adding that his car and helicopter are the same color.

“Baglietto Yahts”, a company with the tradition nearly two centuries long, built this vessel that is well-known for its many luxurious parties, and Cavalli often rents his yacht to friends, so they can hold a party or a reception there.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabana, “Regina d`Italia”
Price: Unknown
Length: 51 meters

The super-yacht, as experts call the Regina d’Italia, was first launched in 2006, and designers Domenico Dolce (58) and Stefano Gabana (54) hired the same company as Giorgio Armani – “Codecasa of Viareggio”. The owners of the brand “Dolce & Gabbana” invested themselves in every inch of the yacht, so they hired experts from the “Della Role Design”. They were hired ti do the exterior design, while the contract of doing the golden interior went to the “Lazzarini Pickering Architetti”, a studio from Rome. Unlike the minimalist exterior, the interior is luxurious and extravagant.

Calvin Klein, “Vantage”
Price: unknown
Length: 45.7 meters

The American who rose to his fame thanks to his celebrated brand of designer jeans, is the owner of a costly boat designed by Palmer Johnson while the studio from Venice “Nuvolari & Lenard” was in charge of equipping. The luxurious yacht has six cabins upholstered with cream and brown leather of the best quality, each with a separate bathroom. The roof allows penetration of sunlight, and total of six people can stay on the yacht.

What makes this vessel luxurious is best shown by the fact that Calvin Klein (75) was the host of the Cannes Festival party, when he hosted the biggest stars of the film industry on his boat.

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