Marijuana Yacht Tours and Cruises

Marijuana Yacht Tours and Cruises

While vacationing around the world, it can be a lot of fun to do things that might be considered taboo in your own country.  Every year, over 5 million tourists visit Amsterdam to experience the best cannabis that Europe offers.  Roughly one in four tourists visit cannabis coffee shops to purchase and use marijuana in a secure and friendly environment.  Coffee shops offer all the accoutrements you could want, samples of hash and buds, joint rolling classes; even joint rolling competitions!

One of the more unique experiences available in Amsterdam is a ride on a “smoke boat”, where you can take a canal cruise, while smoking a joint.  What better combination is there than enjoying the water while getting high?  Another option is a barbeque boat cruise where you can relax on the top deck of a small yacht, enjoying home cooked barbeque, with a cold drink in one hand and a hooter in the other.  Being a king or queen must feel like this!  How can it get better?  Well, how about a striptease boat ride?  A private cruise on the canal with a striptease on board to entertain your group.  This is a fun time for bachelor or bachelorette parties, or for any occasion really!  What better way to send your friends off into the ebbs and flows of married life.  Party boats are a good time, with more good vibes than you can handle, with people of all different cultures, full of energy and ready to have a good time!  Boats are all-weather, so you can enjoy a drink and a smoke in any climate, rain or shine.

Red Light walks and cruises are so popular, that the model has spread to the United States.  The good old’ U-S-of-A has a lot of recreational high times to offer in its four states where adult recreational weed consumption is legal and available over the counter.  Plenty of hotels, motels, and campsites are weed-friendly and happily advertise their chillness online. Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska—the four legal states—offer plenty of behind-the-scenes tours and personalized weed excursions. Basically, anything in nature (and in big cities) that will satisfy your weed likes is available, or is in the planning stages.  The good news is that these tours are known to provide 420 friendly transportation, trips to local head shops, and sometimes “free” samples.  Talk about a kick ass vacation!

But what if you don’t live in the U.S. and you don’t want to spend your piggy-bank savings on a trip to Amsterdam to enjoy a vacation full of leisure and smoking weed?

Thankfully Canada, being a liberal country, with a forward-looking view on cannabis, will be legalizing cannabis for recreational use in July 2018.  With almost 13% of Canadians already using cannabis, this will be a boon to the marijuana industry, which already exists for medical purposes.  With legalization coming next year, Vancouver may very well be poised to become the next Amsterdam.

Green Panther, where you can order your weed online and which is a licensed cannabis producer now offers yacht tours and provides premium marijuana from their state of the art growing facility to its guests.  Gain insight into the cannabis culture and ganja scene in Vancouver on a 2 or 3-hour guided yacht tour.  Party with your closest friends on the boat ride of your life!  Take an in-depth tour of the world of Canadian cannabis, some of the finest herb on Earth.  Learn about marijuana legalization and its history, and discover a dispensary that sells the highest quality ganja while riding on a yacht with your closest friends!

Highlights of Green Panthers Cannabis Yacht Tour:

  • Introduce and educate yourself about the world of cannabis in Vancouver, great for beginners!
  • Learn how to roll your own joints with a knowledgeable instructor.
  • Visit a state of the art grow facility and meet the Master Grower in charge.
  • Sample flowers of the world’s most potent cannabis strains.
  • Sample cannabis snacks and treats for free on your water bound tour!

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